Who We Are

Arion Tarım Ticaret Limited Şirketi is a trading company that supplies agricultural products on global markets.

All the company’s activities are based on secure and reliable processes for delivering agricultural products to consumers. We have ambitious plans to become one of the world’s top grain exporters and to grow our distribution for other vital products.

Arion is active all over the world, facilitating the export and import processes in many countries. We work with both farmers and large agricultural producers in all regions of our presence, purchasing products directly from the places of production.

Arion Tarım Ticaret Limited Şirketi is working constantly to diversify its portfolio to get closer to consumers.


Arion’s principal areas of activity are trading and shipping of wheat, corn, barley and oilseed crops. We adhere
to the principles of sustainable development in our work and cooperate with companies that share these values.

Our business is based on flexibility and rapid decision-making. This helps us to be flexible to changing
market demands, as well as to emerging trends and changes within the business community.


All of our suppliers are responsible and trusted companies that cultivate their agricultural products with great care and diligence. As a result, our customers receive high-quality products that improve people’s lives around the world.

Quality Control

With Arion, purchased grains undergo multi-stage quality control and meet all the applicable standards and requirements specific to each region market.


Arion has all the required expertise, as well as its own fleet to develope optimal supply chains to any point on Earth.

Market Research and Risk Evaluation

Our experts regularly examine all the characteristics of the transported products and constantly monitor existing supply chains. We track market changes and we are ready to respond flexibly. We manage to significantly minimize risks at all stages of the shipping process.

Individual approach

Our team is open to cooperate, ready to receive feedback and respond to the needs of every single customer.

What We Do

Agricultural Commodities

The company’s core business is the trading of grain, wheat, barley and corn, as well as oilseed crops all over the world.

Our success is based on productive and long lasting cooperation with major suppliers of grain and oilseed products from across the Atlantic and Black Sea regions, ensuring high quality standards as a foundation of our business. Our strategic goal involves sourcing from surplus producing regions to supply regions with high demand.

Freight & Logistics

Whether you are a producer or a consumer of agricultural commodities, Arion offers an extensive range of global services to assist you in managing your grain-trading activities and hedge your market exposure, to minimize risks and maximize profits.

Our chartering and logistics department boasts many years of in-depth experience, and makes use of an innovative approach to our transport needs.

It enables Arion to manage costs efficiently, and to handle and schedule our logistic needs effectively. Our shipments range from hand-sized packages to Panamax vessels.

This concept helps us to maintain a skilled, responsive and cost-effective supply chain of grain & oilseed products for our customers.

Global logistics activities and a strong network of ports and shipping companies ensure that we have internal access to world-class logistics infrastructure, which goes hand in hand with effective procurement and distribution at delivery destinations. All these factors are of crucial importance to our business.

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